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Coming up: Judaism 3.0 Think Tank (In formation), where readers and thinkers from diverse backgrounds can deliberate the ideas presented in the book

Please check back with us in August 2022 for links to articles/books referenced in Judaism 3.0, as well as for recommended readings

In the meanwhile, see articles expanding on some of the issues raised in the book, as well expansion of glossary of new terms mentioned in the book.

We will also publish here reviews, reader’s reactions and articles related to the book, like these:

Judaism 3.0: A necessary conversation in changing times – Book Review

Kalev theorizes that Judaism is going through an historic transformation

We would be quoting Herzl as saying, “In Munich I founded the Jewish State.”

If you would like to submit your comments or reactions for posting on this site, please email to We reserve the right to publish or not publish any submission.

Thank you for your interest. Please stay tuned.

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