Judaism 3.0 Think Tank (in formation)

The Judaism 3.0 Think Tank (formally the AIFL Think Tank) deliberates the ideas introduced in the book Judaism 3.0 – Judaism’s Transformation to Zionism



Think Tank Members and Advisors




Discussion 1 (ideas): Are we in Judaism 3.0?

The bulk of the book, and much of the discussions focus on exploring Gol Kalev’s thesis: Judaism is going through a historic transformation and Zionism is becoming its anchor.

Jerusalem Post Magazine: Is Zionism becoming the anchor of Judaism?

Brazil Jewish Academy: Applying Herzl’s vision through Judaism 3.0

The Thesis: i24 TV, Daniel Gordis podcast

The Debate: Prof. Gil Troy debates Gol Kalev: Are we in Judaism 3.0?

Discussion Salons

Discussion 2 (impact): What does it mean?

Recogonizing that we are in Judaism 3.0 has far-reaching implications, both in addressing today’s existential threats to Judaism, and in unleashing once unimaginable opportunities to advance humanity through Zionism

Jerusalem Report cover: A new framework to counter Israel-Bashing

Newsweek article: It’s time for Judaism 3.0

Jerusalem Post series: Applying Judaism 3.0

Jerusalem Leaders Summit: Judaism 3.0 and the threat of Israel-bashing

Discussion Salons

History: From AIFL Think Tank (2011) to Judaism 3.0 Think Tank (2023)

The AIFL Think Tank was inaugurated in 2011 under the leadership of Gol Kalev to explore the current state of Zionism and of Judaism.

AIFL Think Tank Chair Gol Kalev, America-Israel Friendship League Chairman Kenneth Bialkin and Israel’s General Consul to New York, Amb. Ido Aharoni (let to right; AIFL Think Tank inauguration, 2011)

Based in New York, think tank members represent a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds. Most not involved with Jewish causes, and many non-Jews, members brought valuable outside perspectives and fresh thinking that helped the author fine-tune the ideas of Judaism 3.0.

Once Judaism 3.0 – Judaism’s transformation to Zionism was published, the think tank, housed in the America-Israel Friendship League for 11 years, has “made Aliya” and is now the Judaism 3.0 think tank

Methodology – AIFL Think Tank

Members: Experienced professionals from various fields such as Investment Banking, Private Equity, Law, Media, Fashion, Art, Philanthropy, and Technology, think tank members come from various political and religious backgrounds.

Applying their experience and track record of success in their respective fields to issues related to Israel and the Jewish world, think tank members bring valuable outside perspective to issues relating to Israel, Zionism and the Jewish world.

Opinion Leaders: Through deliberating the ideas of Judaism 3.0, think tank members become better familiar with issues relating to Israel and Zionism. They then can share their experience and knowledge with their respective circles, including those critical of Israel.

Position Papers: The think tank’s position papers authored by Gol Kalev, were deliberated by think tank members, who also served as valuable sounding-board for the author as he was writing his book

Zionism — a Successor to Rabbinical Judaism? (2012)

120 Years Later: A Look at the State of Zionism and the American Jewish Community (2014)

Book: With the book completed and published, the think tank is now expanding to broader audiences of readers and thinkers, who wish to continue the conversation and deliberate the ideas of Judaism 3.0.


Our Judaism 3.0 events combine interactive conversations (typically over Israeli wine), with in-depth discussions about Judaism 3.0. Some event focus on the question if Zionism is indeed becoming the anchor of Judaism, while others on the impact such broad recognition would have.

Whether a panel in a crowded auditorium, such as ones held at the Begin Center, a webinar, such as the one held by the AIFL, attended by 14,000 people, a reception, such as the ones in the gardens of the the Israel Broadcasting Association mansion, or on-stage conversation, such as the one held by the Tel Aviv International Salon along with Amb. Michael Oren, our discussions delve into the intricacies of Judaism 3.0.


About Judaism 3.0: In this landmark book, Gol Kalev demonstrates how Zionism has turned into the organizing principle of Judaism. Analyzing long-term shifts in Israel, Diaspora Judaism as well as global trends that impact the state of Judaism, Kalev shows how Zionism has become the primary conduit through which both Jews and non-Jews relate to Judaism – in the positive and negative alike. More

“A courageous, compelling, and thoughtful thesis that must be part of any serious discussion of the future of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Michael Oren, historian, former Ambassador of Israel to the United States

“This book should play an important role in the discussions about the future of world Jewry and its relations with Israel.”

Natan Sharansky, former Chairman of The Jewish Agency, former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

Gol Kalev does not just know Theodor Herzl – he lives and breathes Theodor Herzl…This book should trigger the conversation the Jewish community needs about Israel, Zionism, Judaism and Identity. Bravo! 

Professor Gil Troy, author -The Zionist Ideas

Gol Kalev’s book has the merit to transform the very essence of the State of Israel to becoming an objective expression of Jewish identity.”

Dr. Georges Yitzhak Weisz, author – Theodor Herzl: A New Reading

“This book has sparked as much conversation as it has because the premise is so interesting, so counter-intuitive and demand of us that we think many thing anew. That is perhaps the greatest gift a book can give.”

Dr. Daniel Gordis, author – We Stand Divided

ייA remarkable ideas book that is about much more than the state of Judaism….One of the most important books about Judaism, Zionism and global trends of our times.”

Catherine Carlton, former Mayor of Menlo Park, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur

“Gol Kalev has a deep understanding of Herzl and of processes happening in the Jewish world and non-Jewish world. He puts these two together and describes in his book how both Jews and non-Jews relate to Judaism now through Zionism – exactly as Herzl described in his vision.

Yaakov Hagoel, Chairman – World Zionist Organization, acting Chairman – Jewish Agency

“Kalev picks up where Herzl left off……A must read for people of all religious and political backgrounds who want to get a deeper understanding of the state of Zionism and Judaism today.”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

Book’s website: Judaism-Zionism.com

Comments/inquiries: info@Judaism-Zionism.com

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