Glossary Of New Terms

Some terms in the book are original or applied in unconventional ways. Click to read related articles about these concepts.

Cloud-Zionism – accessing Israel-related experiences from one’s own home. For example, lectures on Zoom, Israeli TV series on Netflix, Israeli music on YouTube. A shift from Zionism’s previous mantra of Aliya.

Concept Learning – applying the idea of machine-learning to concepts, such as Zionism, designed by Herzl as an Infinite ideal.

Counter-Intersectionality – the reactionary embrace of particularity that results from the overreach of the Intersectionality movement, which has racist, homophobic and counter-individualism themes. Counter- intersectionality represents the ability of individuals to be themselves, as opposed to being defined by outside “authorities” based on sexual orientation, race or groupings.

Cultural Occupation of Palestine – The European occupation of Palestinian minds, done through promotion of the victimhood narrative, perpetuation of the refugee status, aggressive blocking of Palestinian participation in the Israeli economy, and opposition to the development of a free and entrepreneurial Palestinian mindset.

Datlaf – Hebrew acronym for “sometimes religious” – secular Israelis who consume religious experiences a la carte, while staying secular. Datlaf has become the primary stream of Israeli secularism.

Haredi-Spring – the inevitable boost to the Israeli economy that would occur once the Ultra-Orthodox enter the workforce and the high- tech sector. Akin to the boost received in the 1990s from the Russian immigration.

Israel-bashing – Funneling hate to Judaism through Israel ( Judaism 3.0), as opposed to through the Jewish religion or individual Jews ( Judaism 2.0). It is the current manifestation of age-old European opposition to Judaism, replacing anti-Semitism which was that manifestation in the 19th and 20th centuries, and religious hatred that preceded it. Not to be confused with criticism of Israel, which must be protected, and even encouraged.

Isra-Philia – People who admire Israeli culture, achievements, vibe and people. This is regardless of one’s political opinion about Israel and its government’s policies. It replaces Philo-Semitism as the primary expression of admiration for the Jewish people.

Neo-Karaites – those who would not recognize that Judaism has transformed and stay in Judaism 2.0. This is just like the Karaites who did not recognize that Rabbinic Judaism had become the organizing principle of Judaism back then, and stayed in Judaism 1.0.

Neo-Universalism – Applying symbiotic particularity to the idea of universalism, defined as loyalty to the other regardless of his national allegiances. Neo-Universalism argues that such loyalty to the other would be augmented if an individual celebrates his own national particularity.

Open-architecture of worship – the worship outside one’s own stream of Orthodox Judaism, such as National-Religious worshiping in ultra- Orthodox synagogues, Ashkenazis in Sephardic synagogues or vice versa. A subtle shift towards pan-Orthodoxy.

Reverse-Colonialism – Just as Europeans created parallel European societies overseas, drawing on the resources of the occupied land, reverse colonialism is the creation of parallel Muslim societies in Europe, drawing on the resource of Europe, such as welfare, municipal services, and health-care.

Second act of the American Revolution – rebelling against European values that negate the ideological aspects of the American Revolution. Europeanism vs. Americanism is becoming the global philosophical divide of the 21st century in a similar manner that communism vs. capitalism was in the 20th century and monarchy vs. republicanism was in the 19th century.

Symbiotic Particularity – the recognition that optimal contribution to society occurs when an individual chooses his own level of national/ ethnic particularity. This is in contrast to universalism (all the same) and European multiculturalism (parallel societies in competition; zero-sum game).

War of European Succession – the fear that absolutist rejection of Islam in Europe on the one hand, and European childlessness on the other, could lead to a cold or violent war between the two competing claimants to Europe. This is particularly alarming, considering that Europe has persistently gone into war for unexpected reasons in every century.

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