For over a decade, Gol Kalev has been arguing that Judaism is in the midst of a historic transformation, and Zionism is becoming its organizing principle.

He explores this idea in the AIFL Think Tank which he has been chairing since 2011, in position papers he authored, in featured articles he has written since 2015 in the Jerusalem Post and other publications, and since 2019, in his Jerusalem Post Column, Judaism 3.0.

Now for the first time, he brings together the totality of this argument in a landmark book: Judaism 3.0 – Judaism’s transformation to Zionism,  published in March 2022.

The book unveils the transformation, places it in its historical context, and demonstrates how it is already evident – both in the manner Jews relate to Judaism, and in the way the outside world perceives the Jews.

the book has already generated a robust discussion and anticipation, even before published. A preview was published in a 2018 in a Jerusalem Report article and advanced copies been shared with a select group of thinkers. In January 2022, the Jerusalem Report chose the upcoming book as the cover of its 2022 New Year magazine.   

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Early draft of the manuscript


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