Applying Judaism 3.0

In a series of Jerusalem Post articles, Gol Kalev shows how Israel-bashing has become today’s existential threat to Judaism.

It has both a populous retail component: Occupationalsim, and institutional destruction mechanisms that deploy modern day blood libels. Moreover, Israel’s friends in positions of power are influenced by the popularity of Israel-bashing.

In such dogmatic circumstances, Hasbara (Israeli PR) is ineffective.  Yet a broad global recognition that Judaism has transformed to Judaism 3.0, and Zionism is now its anchor, would dramatically mitigate the existential threat. 

Applying Herzl’s frameworks, such recognition could turn threats to Judaism into enablers of its survivability, remove hurdles in the advancement of humanity placed by anti-Zionism, and pave the path to peace.

This generation’s existential threat to Judaism

Applying Herzl’s thinking to counter Israel-bashing

Occuptionalism: The new form of Colonialism is hijacking the Palestinian cause   

Occupationalism is enabled by the Jerusalem-based “Conflict Industry,” known for its lavish parties, insularity, high turnover and its own social hierarchy

European blood libels continue, but now there is a solution

Recognizing that we are in Judaism 3.0 would address existential threats to Judaism, but it would also provide Jewish clarity that would advance humanity

Israel-bashing-light showcased in Basel celebrations

Applying Herzl, the threat to Judaism might come through our friends, who are influenced by the Israel-bashing movement.

Judaism 3.0: Turning threats to Judaism into enablers of its survival

Like antisemitism in Herzl’s time, today’s Israel-bashing and assimilation of American Jewry also have hidden assets in them

Passover to Shavuot and the American-European divide

How the transition affects today’s geopolitics, the flaws of democracies and the emerging rift: Americanism vs. Europeanism

Anti-Zionism is anti-humanity

Recognizing that Zionism is the anchor of Judaism would help remove a hurdle in the advancement of humanity

Paving path to peace

A broad recognition of Judaism 3.0 would release the Arabs of the Middle-east from debilitating European dogmas that have occupied their true character for the last 100 years

Visit the book’s Website: Judaism 3.0 – Judaism’s tranformation to Zionism

See also The Jerusaelm Report 2022 New Year Magazine: Judaism’s transformation to Zionism – Countering the Israel-bashing movement

Recognizing that Judaism has transformed would rob the Israel-bashers of their starting point: The premise that Judaism is merely a religion.

Watch Gol Kalev discuss how recognizing that we are in Judaism 3.0 can help counter Israel-bashing – The Jerusalem Leaders Summit:

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