Table of Contents – America


1.  Summary

American ethos – more compatible with Judaism 3.0 than with Judaism 2.0

2. US and Israel are religious societies; American Judaism is not

(i) Historical Jewish rejection of religious America (Judaism 2.0)

(ii) Current realties

-Counter-trend of religiosity in America

-For American seculars – Universalism

-Remedy for American Jews: Religious by association (Judaism 3.0)

3. American Revolution – an embrace of Zionism (not of Judaism 2.0)

(i) American Revolution as abstract Zionism

(ii) Embrace of Zionism – contemporary

(iii) American exceptionalism and particularity

(iv) American exceptionalism vs. European Universalism

(v)  Judaism 2.0 – the other side of the debate about Americanism

Developments in America – support Jewish transformation to Judaism 3.0

4. Age of clarity

(i) effect on the transformation of Judaism

5. Multi-identity reality

(i)   Political nationalism, ethnological nationalism and economic nationalism

-Economic nationalism

(ii)  Counter-intersectionality

(iii) Dual loyalty shifted – Americanism more consistent with Judaism 3.0

-The question of dual-loyalty is not new

6. From “Mayflower narrative” to Cultural-Pluralism

(i) From Judaism to Americanism

(ii) Flourish of new “religion” – Americanism

-Price of Americanism

(iii) America’s shift from “Mayflower narrative” to American Cultural-Pluralism

-Diverse faces of America

(iv) Zionism (Judaism 3.0) as a better representation of today’s Americanism

(v) American rejection of European Multi-Culturalism strengthens Judaism 3.0

-Ethnological affiliation is not political affiliation

-American Cultural Pluralism is not European Multi-Culturalism

-Threat of Universalism and mis-application of Cultural-Pluralism

7. Second act of the American Revolution

(i)  Europe connection

(ii) European narrative in America and American narrative in Europe

      -Too soon for the American experiment to settle

(iii) American Revolution: From Divine-right monarchy to Divine-right republic

(iv) Europe reactionary: From Divine-right monarchy to no Divine

(v) European Union as a force of anti-Americanism

-Shared interests trump ideological/philosophical differences

(vi) Europe’s sphere of influence in America – Judaism 2.0

-Europe import to America – Israel-bashing and BDS

(vii) Possible realignment of America-led world from Europe-based to faith-based?



-Europe’s influence in America and “the West”

       -Analysis of cause of wars -lessons of history-realignment for peace

(viii) How shifts in US-Europe connection effect Jewish transformation

              -Case-Study: Jerusalem – America vs. Europe

Americans support and criticism of Israel – enabler of Judaism 3.0

8. American’s political alliance with the State of Israel

9. Popularity of Israel amongst Americans

(i) Popularity of Israeli product to non-Jewish Americans

-Example: Shuk

(ii) From Philo-Semitism to Isro-Philia

(iii) Non-Jews’ embrace facilitates connection through Israel for Jews

10. America’s political shifts and how they support Jewish transformation

(i) Shift in Liberal movement

-Irrelevancy of Liberal Judaism (Judaism 2.0) in eyes of Liberals

-Disdain of Liberal Judaism (Judaism 2.0) by Conservatives

-The reappearance of Mauschel-?

-Herzl’s Mauschels

-Today’s Mauschels-?

-Excuse for Jewish behavior

-Nationalism and the right killed the Jews in last go-around

-The exaggerated and nearly instinctive criticism of Israel

(ii) Shift in the Conservative movement


-Rise of Libertarianism, Tea-Party & Isolationists: Limited government


-Military families

(iii) Shift of Unaffiliated & Millennials

-The rise of the non-affiliates

-Anti-establishment and Zionism

-Trumpism & Bernism

11. Conclusion: America is already in Judaism 3.0

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