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Press Release: A revolutionary approach to Israel-bashing at Judaism 3.0 book launch

Jerusalem, March 13, 2022 – Gol Kalev’s new book, Judaism 3.0 – Judaism’s transformation to Zionism, was launched at the landmark Rashut Hashidur building in Jerusalem.

Kalev demonstrates that Judaism is going through a historic transformation, and Zionism is becoming its organizing principle. “Thןד is the primary way Jews and non-Jews related to Judaism – in positive and negative alike.”

After an Israeli wine reception, Kalev spoke and took questions, focusing his remarks on the back part of the book – the practical implications of recognizing that the Israel-bashing philosophy, which replaced anti-Semitism as the currency of opposition to Judaism, and represents an existential threat to Judaism.

Kalev argues that “Hasbara” (Israeli PR) is insufficient given the magnanimous nature of Israeli-bashing culture, “Herzl mocked committees against anti-semitism, since one can not change dogmatic thinking – same with Israel-bashing today. The philosophy is too entreated and rational arguments are of limited use”.

Therefore a radical approach is needed, and in Kalev’s view it is the change of global consciousness of what Judaism is. “Once there is a broad recognition that Judaism has transformed to Zionism, than Israel-bashing, becomes Jew-bashing, and that alters the nature of the threat.

Kalev argues that the lethal part of the threat comes from what he called the “Israel-basher-light – those have the mechanism to inflict severe damage, but they are also very sensitive to accusations they are driven from hate. “They need to operate in Judaism 2.0, when Judaism’s organizing principle was its religious aspect, and not its national aspect – this way they can say they are pro-Jewish and anti-Zionist, and more-so doing it out of love. Once it is recognized that Judaism is transformed and its national aspect, Zionism, is its organizing principe, they would only be able to bash Israel, if they are ok with bashing-Jews….A broad recognition of the transformation would serve as a natural back-stop to Israel-bashing”.

In answering questions about how this plays out in current-events, Kalev stressed again the explosive nature of the Israel-bashing culture, and the unpredictability of where it can erupt: “Look at Russia ……Right now, the world came together nicely to stand up to a tyrant….Once this conflict gets resolved, and let’s all hope and pray it gets resolved soon, those forced stay, and they need an outlet. Who is the next tyrant? Who are the next war-criminals we need to deal with? It’s all of you”, pointing at the crowd, “It’s us, it’s Israel. And , I’m not saying that, Amnesty is saying that, various organizations of the UN are saying that – so let’s take those wonderful forces and direct them at Israel – and to do so out of love – to protect the Palestinians as we protect the Ukrainians”Watch Clip

Kalev underscored that Israel-bashers is a threat to all Jews, including those who bash Israel. He reference Israeli Defense Minster Benjamin Ganz saying that “when Amnesty issues a ludicrous report accusing Israel of Apartheid, houses of worship in California are being targeted”. But Kalev claimed the threats goes much further than to the safety of Jews, but rather to the survivability of Judaism. individual Jews – but rather to the essence of Judaism. “It took 70 years for the anti-Semitism movement to mature from an amorphos unorganized coalition to being the ideology for the genocide of European Jewry. We are now in the early stages of the Israel-bashing movement, and the parallels to the late 19th Century are startling”

Therefore we need to do something radical – and the recognition. In particular Israel-bashers light that’s where dangerous lies

He compared today’s reality to that of the previous transformation of Judaism from it being anchored in the Temple, ritual of sacrifices and physical presence in Judea (Judaism 1.0 – Biblical Judaism), to Judaism that is based on the synagogues which replaced the Temple, the structured prayers which replaced the scarifies, and the insular Gheto which replaced the insular presence in Judea (Judaism 2.0 – Rabbinic Judaism). “Maybe someone back there wrote a book called Judaism 2.0 – Judaism’s transformation to Rabbinic Judaism, and there might have people who said – I have nothing against Jews – I love the Jews, but I hate those Jews who go to the Temple, celebrate Channucka and wear a Kipa. I have nothing against the Jews who go to the Temple, but I do against those Rabbinic Jews. Well, back then you could not say, and today those terms are synagogues. I bet in a few decades the terms Judaism and Zionism would be synonymous

But for this to happen. he turned to the crowd of opinion-leaders who gathered, You need to be ambassadors of this message. You need to be convinced by the argument of the book that Judaism is transforming and Zionism is its essence.

After the presentation, which took place in the old synagogue, the crowed proceeded to another room in the mansion for the the after-party hosted by the Beerbazar.

Video Clips:

In a few decades the terms, Zionism and Judaism will be synonymous [Transcript]:

Startling parallels between the early days of Israel-Bashing and early days of anti-Semitism

Opposition to Judaism is an European concept. It changes as Europe evolves:

Hasbara (Israeli PR) is insufficient. Herzl realize one can not change dogmatic thinking. There needs to be a more radical approach to dealing with anti Semitism then, and with Israel- bashing now:

Can the coalition against Russia be applied against Israel?

When the opposition to Judaism came from the right, people may not have cared if called Jew-bashers, now that the threat is coming from the left, “this is the best construct to address existential threats to Judaism”:

Heading towards global public-opinion that would support doing something radical against the pariah state of Israel. “That is where the existential threat to Jewish lies, and therefore we need a framework that addresses it”:

Judaism 3.0, launched on March 7th, was chosen by the Jerusalem Report as the cover of its 2022 New Year issue. The book was unveiled on January 12th in a pre-launch Garden-party.

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