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In a few decades the terms Judaism and Zionism will be synonymous:

Startling parallels between the early days of Israel-Bashing and early days of anti-Semitism:

Opposition to Judaism is a European concept. It changes as Europe evolves:

Hasbara (Israeli PR) is insufficient. Herzl realized that one can not change dogmatic thinking. Hence, there needs to be a more radical approach to dealing with anti Semitism then, and with Israel-bashing now:

Can the coalition against Russia be redirected against Israel?

When the opposition to Judaism came from the right, haters may not have cared if called Jew-bashers, but now that the threat is coming from the left, Judaism 3.0 becomes the best construct to address existential threats to Judaism:

We might be heading towards global public-opinion that would support doing something radical against the “pariah” Jewish state: “This is where the new existential threat to Judaism lies, and therefore we need a new framework that addresses it.”

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