Table of Contents – Perspective of the world


1. Summary

2. History of the world’s relations with Judaism

-Biblical period – Judaism relations with the outside world

-Exile period – Judaism relationship with Europe

-Current period

         (i) Jews were always defined by outside, not by themselves

Defined by outside: In good times, by friends

Defined by outside: In bad times, by adversaries

         (ii) Jews been viewed by the outside in national context, not religious context

-Friends of Jews were friends of the Jewish nation

-Adversaries of the Jews had issues with Jewish nation

-Forcing Jews to define themselves as a nation:


-Dreyfus Affair


-Ethnic cleansing of Middle Eastern Jews

The world and the Jews: Analysis of conflict and hate

3. Evolution of Jew-hatred

      -Shifts in the relationship to Jews/Israel

     (i)  Haters of Jews: From anti-Semitism (Judaism 2.0) to anti-Israelism (Judaism 3.0)

     (ii) Putting distance has historically been ineffective and irrelevant

     (iii) Parallels between this and previous episodes

     (iv) Jew-hatred is European

     (v)  European-Jewish relationship – 2,300 years of conflict

     (vi) An honest conversation about Jew-hatred

-Jew-hatred not the same as anti-Semitism

-Anti-Semitism only analyzed through the eyes of the Jew

-Zionism is anti-Semitism?

-If legitimizing anti-Judaism 3.0, need to legitimize anti-Judaism 2.0



-Judaism 2.0 today

4. Disrupters to Jews-hatred

(ii) First disrupter – Creation of the United States (New Zion)

(ii) Second disrupter – Creation of State of Israel (Old Zion)

  -Forces re-examination of relationship with the Jews

-Jewish success happened too soon

-Secular Europe stuck in Replacement Theology of Middle-Ages

5. Europe’s Frustrations contribute to conflicts with the Jews

(i) Historical pattern of European frustration directed at Jews

(ii) Europe’s existing frustrations and the future of Europe

-Early indicators are alarming

European Challenges & How they effect the Jewish transformation

– Trench war against Islamic terrorism

– Christianity vs. Islam

– Secularism vs. Religion

– Monarchy vs. Republic

– Paganism/Atheism vs. Monotheism

(iii) Europe’s policy-stagnation and honor as causes for war

-Europe’s policy Stagnation and failure to de-colonialize

-neocolonialism in Europe

-neocolonialism in Middle East

-EU exert colonialist policies towards the Palestinians

-European colonialism towards Palestinians in Europe

-The Sick man of Europe

-European pride

(iv) The War of European Succession?

The world and the Jews: Analysis of embrace and love

6. The Zionist ideal as a European role-model

-Israel as scion of true Europeanism

-Herzl envisioned a more perfect Europe in Israel

-Counter-reaction to Europe’s obsession with Israel

7. Christians just want to say shalom – only possibly through Judaism 3.0

(i)   Coming home

(ii)  Friends of Zion

(iii) Creating the language of saying shalom

(iv) Christian Zionism in the 19th Century, interrupted

8. Christians as Jews-?

(i)    Back to Jesus, away from Paul

(ii)   Jews accepting Jesus? The emergence of Messianic Judaism

(iii)  Christians joining Messianic Jews

(iv)  Christian missionary

(v)   Reverse-merger into Judaism 2.0-?

(vi)  Judaism 3.0 preserves Judaism through the Jewish nation

(vii) The astonishing magnitude of the Jew-loving population

9. Conclusion: The world is already in Judaism 3.0

(i) Europe is in Judaism 3.0

(ii) Arab & Muslim world is in Judaism 3.0

-Arab/Muslims in Middle East are in Judaism 3.0

-Arabs/Muslims in Europe are in Judaism 3.0

(iii) The rest of the world is in Judaism 3.0

(iv) Inevitably of Judaism 3.0

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