Judaism 3.0 – Table of Contents


I.     The idea

II.   The book ahead – summary

III.  Historic perspective: From Judaism to Zionism

1. From Judaism 1.0 to Judaism 2.0

2. Two thousand years of Judaism 2.0

3. Emergence of Political Zionism (1895)

4. Judaism rejects Zionism

5. Zionism recognized

6. “Israelis” taking control of Zionism

7. Synthesis of Jewish narrative under Zionism

8. Binary Jewish world emerges

IV.    A note about transformations

1. Recognized in retrospect

2. Not linear 

3. Restructuring vs. Transformation

4. Change

V.  The Jewish transformation: How it is occurring in the relevant arenas

Jewish arenas

1. Israeli Jews

2. American Jews

3. Smaller Jewish centers  

External environment

4. America

5. Perspective of the world  


VI . Threats to Judaism makes a transformation a necessity

1. Introduction

2. Shift of existential threat to Judaism:  From secularization to denationalization

(i)  End of secularization threat

(ii) Rise of denationalization threat

– Assimilation

– Post-Zionism

– Israel-bashing

3. Threats necessitate a transformation

4. Judaism 3.0 addresses existing threats to Judaism

5.  Conclusion: Threats as enablers of a transformation


1. What it means

2. Pre-requisites

3. New risks as a result of the transformation

4.  Implications of Judaism 3.0

5. Conclusion




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