Judaism 3.0 in the news; Jerusalem Day refocus

The Judaism 3.0 Herzl Day event has been getting international press coverage, including in Germany and United States:

The Media Line News (Video)

Theodor Herzl: The solution to Israel’s modern problems?

A birthday party for a visionary (IsraelNetz – translated from German)

Similarly, the idea to apply Herzl’s thinking to today’s strategic issues is getting traction.  For more on that, see:

Herzl can help defuse today’s strategic issues

Gol Kalev remarks at the Begin Center event: Applying Herzl (Video)

One such application is Kalev’s proposed upgrade to Jerusalem Day from being only about “the return of Jews to Jerusalem” (1967), to being about “the return of Judaism to Jerusalem” (Judaism 3.0):

Jerusalem Day: The return of Judaism to Zion

The next Judaism 3.0 event at the Begin Center will be on July 11. Details and Registration:  Anti-Zionism as the new Antisemitism – A Judaism 3.0 debate

Amazon page: Judaism 3.0 – Amazon

The book’s website: Judaism-Zionism.com

Press releases of recent events:

Herzl’s birthday celebrated

Amb. Michael Oren and Gol Kalev discuss Judaism 3.0

Zionism and the Nationalism-Universalism debate

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – Zionism’s religious revival

Prof. GIl Troy and Gol Kalev debate the thesis of Judaism 3.0

A revolutionary approach to countering Israel-bashing

About Judaism 3.0: In this landmark book, Gol Kalev demonstrates how Zionism has turned into the organizing principle of Judaism. Analyzing long-term shifts in Israel, Diaspora Judaism as well as global trends that impact the state of Judaism, Kalev shows how Zionism has become the primary conduit through which both Jews and non-Jews relate to Judaism – in the positive and negative alike. More

Endorsements for Judaism 3.0:

Gol Kalev does not just know Theodor Herzl – he lives and breathes Theodor Herzl…This book should trigger the conversation the Jewish community needs about Israel, Zionism, Judaism and Identity. Bravo!”

Professor Gil Troy, author – The Zionist Ideas

“A courageous thesis that must be part of any serious discussion of the future of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Michael Oren, historian, former ambassador of Israel to the United States

“Kalev picks up where Herzl left off…A must read for people of all religious and political backgrounds who want to get a deeper understanding of the state of Zionism and Judaism today.”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

This book should play an important role in the discussions about the future of world Jewry and its relations with Israel.”

Natan Sharansky, former Chairman of The Jewish Agency, former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

Gol Kalev’s book has the merit to transform the very essence of the State of Israel to becoming an objective expression of Jewish identity

Dr. Georges Yitzhak Weisz, author – Theodor Herzl: A New Reading

“This book has sparked as much conversation as it has because the premise is so interesting, so counterintuitive and demands of us that we think many things anew. That is perhaps the greatest gift a book can give.”

Dr. Daniel Gordis, author – We Stand Divided

Inquiries and questions: info@Judaism-Zionism.com

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