Book synopsis – Judaism 3.0

How Judaism is transforming to Zionism


We are in the midst of a historic transformation of Judaism, whereby Zionism is becoming Judaism’s primary organizing principle.

The book unveils the transformation and demonstrates how it is already evident, both in the manner Jews relate to Judaism, and in the way the outside world perceives the Jews.

The book places the transformation in its historical context, drawing parallels to the previous transformation of Judaism from Biblical Judaism to Rabbinical Judaism, and then goes through a deep analysis of the two primary Jewish arenas – Israel and North America. It shows how developments in each of those Jewish centers are indicative of a transformation to Judaism 3.0. 

The book then looks at the external environments that effect the Jews – both in America and the rest of the world. It shows how global shifts support the transformation, including in the form of the age-old opposition to Judaism.

The book then discusses contemporary threats to Judaism and demonstrates how recognizing the transformation would address those threats. Finally, the book shows how Judaism 3.0 strengthens all aspects of Judaism, including religious ones, and ties the transformation with Herzl’s original vision of Zionism.

Judaism 3.0 – Table of Contents


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