Judaism 3.0 – 30.3 – Begin Center

Join us for an evening of fascinating conversations about the state of Judaism with

Gol Kalev, author of Judaism 3.0

Prof. Moshe Koppel, chair of the Kohelet Policy Forum and author of Judaism Straight Up

Prof. Gil Troy, historian and author of The Zionist Ideas

Moderator: Yael Rozenman Ismael, entrepreneur

19:30 Wine Reception

20:00 Panel

Begin Center – 6 Sh.A. Nakhon St – Jerusaelm

The event is free with advanced registration: RSVP HERE
The panel will be broadcasted live on Zoom. Advanced registration required: Zoom registration

Judaism 3.0, launched on March 7th , was chosen by the Jerusalem Report as the cover of its 2022 New Year issue.

Video Clips from the launch event:

In a few decades the terms Judaism and Zionism will be synonymous:

Startling parallels between the early days of Israel-Bashing and early days of anti-Semitism:

Opposition to Judaism is a European concept. It changes as Europe evolves:

Hasbara (Israeli PR) is insufficient. Herzl realized that one can not change dogmatic thinking. Hence, there needs to be a more radical approach to dealing with anti Semitism then, and with Israel-bashing now:

Can the coalition against Russia be redirected against Israel?

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“This book should play an important role in the discussions about the future of world Jewry and its relations with Israel.”

Natan Sharansky,  former Chairman of The Jewish Agency, former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

ייA remarkable ideas book that is about much more than the state of Judaism….One of the most important books about Judaism, Zionism and global trends of our times.”

Catherine Carlton, former Mayor of Menlo Park, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur

“A courageous, compelling, and thoughtful thesis that must be part of any serious discussion of the future of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Michael Oren, historian, former Ambassador of Israel to the United States

“Fresh new thinking about the relationship between Judaism and Israel. Kalev picks up where Herzl left off……A must read for people of all religious and political backgrounds who want to get a deeper understanding of the state of Zionism and Judaism today.”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

For more information visit the book’s website: Judaism-Zionism.com

Read recap and see clips from the launch party: Launch press release

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