Invitation – July 6, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv International Salon event:

Discussion of Judaism 3.0 with Michael Oren and Gol Kalev

Social Space (Kikar Atarim), Tel Aviv, 19:00. RSVP
Discussion, Q&A, wine bar. Registration required.  Register here

Tel Aviv International Salon hosts influential speakers addressing young professionals in Tel Aviv. Recent speakers included former prime minister Naftali Bennet, former prime minister Ehud Barak, and US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides

Watch recap and video-clips of last Judaism 3.0 event: From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

About Judaism 3.0: In this landmark book, Gol Kalev demonstrates how Zionism has turned into the organizing principle of Judaism. It has become the primary conduit through which both Jews and non-Jews relate to Judaism – in both the positive and negative. Kalev shows how Herzl’s vision is becoming a reality in the 2020s More

Michael Oren is former Israel’s ambassador to the United States and former Deputy Minister in the Prime Minster office. A historian, he is the author of numerous books including the New York Times best-selling Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, The Forward named Oren one of the five most influential American Jews and The Jerusalem Post listed him as one of the world’s ten most influential Jews. He wrote about Judaism 3.0: “Gol Kalev has written a courageous, compelling, and thoughtful thesis that must be part of any serious discussion of the future of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Judaism 3.0 will be available for purchase at the event

“Kalev picks up where Herzl left off……A must read for people of all religious and political backgrounds who want to get a deeper understanding of the state of Zionism and Judaism today.”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

“This book should play an important role in the discussions about the future of world Jewry and its relations with Israel.”

Natan Sharansky,  former Chairman of The Jewish Agency, former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

Gol Kalev does not just know Theodor Herzl – he lives and breathes Theodor Herzl…This book should trigger the conversation the Jewish community needs about Israel, Zionism, Judaism and Identity. Bravo! 

Professor Gil Troy, author -The Zionist Ideas

ייA remarkable ideas book that is about much more than the state of Judaism….One of the most important books about Judaism, Zionism and global trends of our times.”

Catherine Carlton, former Mayor of Menlo Park, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur

“A courageous, compelling, and thoughtful thesis that must be part of any serious discussion of the future of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Michael Oren, historian, former Ambassador of Israel to the United States

The book was selected by the Jerusalem Report as the cover of its 2022 New Year Magazine

Watch Gol Kalev discuss Judaism 3.0 with Emily Frances on i24

Book’s website:


Photo credit: Wikepedia (Michael Oren), Judaism 3.0 (Gol Kalev), Jerusalem Report (cover)

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