In the press – Jerusalem Post – March 19, 2022


HERZL ACOLYTE Gol Kalev, whose book Judaism 3.0 informs readers of Judaism’s transformation to Zionism, is going full-steam ahead in promoting his theories, both orally and in writing.

After a pre-launch party in Jerusalem several weeks ago, he held an official launch last week in the same venue – the old Shaare Zedek hospital – which was taken over by the now-defunct Israel Broadcasting Authority, and which currently serves as a multi-disciplined cultural center.

Hot on the heels of these two events is another at the Capella Cocktail Bar in Tel Aviv on Monday, March 21, to be followed at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem on Wednesday, March 30.

Kalev theorizes that Judaism is going through an historic transformation, and Zionism is becoming its organizing principle. “This is the primary way Jews and non-Jews relate to Judaism – in positive and negative alike,” he contends. To boost this argument, he cites Israel-bashing, which has replaced traditional antisemitism.

He also argues that Israeli public relations is insufficient, given the depth and popularity of the Israel-bashing culture, “Herzl mocked committees against antisemitism, since you cannot convince people who have dogmatic thinking. The same goes for Israel-bashing today.

The Israel-bashing ideology is too entrenched in mainstream society, and rational arguments are of limited use,” says Kalev. declaring that a radical approach is needed – the change of global consciousness of what Judaism is. “Once there is a broad recognition that Judaism has transformed to Zionism, then Israel-bashing becomes Jew-bashing, and that alters the nature of the threat.”

Anyone who wants to learn more about this can either buy the book, or attend one of the above mentioned events – or both. Presumably there will also be other opportunities to agree or disagree with Kalev.

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