Herzl’s vision: Zionism – the safe-heaven of the Jewish nation

Clip from Judaism 3.0 Unveiling – January 12, 2022


When Herzl planted the seeds for the transformation of Judaism, he said that what we are doing here in Basel is creating the foundation for a building that one day  house the entirety of the Jewish nation. And that’s what happened. That’s basically the foundation of the Zionist movement.

He did not mean physically. Just like when he said “in Basel I established the Jewish state”, he immediately clarified that the Jewish state is an abstraction, it is an ideal. The actual geography is merely the physical manifestation.

So the building that will house the entirety of the Jewish nation – he said one day. That day did not occur in 1948, and did not occur in the first 70 years of Israel due to insurmountable hurdles that existed. I explain in the book how those hurdles are now removed, and in the 2020s we are now fulfilling the vision of Herzl, and Zionism is indeed the building that houses the entirety of the Jewish nation.

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