Herzl planted the seeds to a Jewish transformation. Gol Kalev takes a deep look at Herzl through the following Jerusalem Post analysis articles:

What Inspired Herzl’s Zionism

Herzl Planted the Seeds for a better Europe in Israel

Herzl and Zionism between Dreyfus and Goldsmid; France and Britain

Herzl vs Ahad Ha’Am – Outsider vs Establishment 

Herzl and the First Zionist Congress 

Herzl’s Jerusalem Visit – an Inflection Point in Zionism

Herzl’s Birthday Gift

Fulfillment of Herzl’s Utopia: The First Electric Train Reaches Jerusalem!

Parasha & Herzl: to Egypt or to Israel?

Jewish Transformation – Judaism 3.0


For more articles:  Europe and Jerusalem


See also Gol Kalev’s Foreign Policy article: Herzl and the European’s right


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