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Gol Kalev has written numerous articles about Theodor Herzl, his relevancy today, and about how Judaism 3.0 is a fulfilment of his vision (Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Report, Israel Hayom, Uj Kelet, Foreign Policy, Newsweek):

Europeans should benefit from Herzl’s vision 

Herzl and Zionism between Dreyfus and Goldsmid; France and Britain

Herzl and the European’s right

Herzl vs Ahad Ha’Am – Outsider vs Establishment 

Drafting Herzl to today’s issue 

Herzl to the rescue of the Palestinians

Historic misunderstanding of Herzl can help us unpack today’s issue (March-2023)

We are what the Ghetto made us

To Egypt or to Israel?

The longevity of Abraham’s and Herzl’s Diplomacy

The beginning of understanding Herzl and his Zionism

Applying Herzl’s thinking to counter Isarel bashing – This generation’s existential threat to Judaism

Jerusalem Report: New framework to coutner Israel-bashing

Isarel-bashing-light showcased in Basel

Turnign threats to enablers of survivability

Herzl’s Birthday Gift

Fulfillment of Herzl’s Utopia: The First Electric Train Reaches Jerusalem!

Herzl’s and Jacob’s Struggles

From Aliya to Cloud-Zionism

Herzl vision as celebratoin of Judaism and life

What Inspired Herzl’s Zionism

Herzl and Joseph seeking their brethren

Herzl and the First Zionist Congress 

Herzl’s Jerusalem Visit – an Inflection Point in Zionism

The outside that push Jews in

Jewish Transformation – Judaism 3.0

Exodus from Egypt as a dress-rehearsal for the Exodus from Europe

Zionism as the bedrock of Israeli society

Zionism and the shift in global consciousness of what is Judaism

From Budapest to Basel to Jerusalem

Articles linking the weekly Torah portion to Herzl’s writing: Parasha and Herzl

Brazil Jewish Academy course (video): Applying Herzl

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