Book Launch events

June 6 – Biratenu


June 22 – Begin Center

PublicRegistration required

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July 6 – Social Space
Tel Aviv

Hosted by TLV International Salon

PublicRegistration required

More public events in Israel coming up, including in Culinary Market, Comm-unity, Powers Cafe and more.

Past events: Pre-Launch

January 12 – Pre-Launch Unveiling Garden Party

February 14 – Anniversary of Herzl’s The Jewish State
Hosted by the Jerusaelm Wine Salon

PublicRegistration required

Judaism 3.0 Launch events

March 7 – Launch Party
Castle in Jerusaelm

March 21 – Tel Aviv Rooftop
Hosted by Tribe Tel Aviv

PublicRegistration required
March 30 – Begin Center

PublicRegistration required
Hall Rental - מרכז מורשת מנחם בגין

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The book was chosen by the Jerusalem Report  as the cover of their 2022 New Year issue

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